Carburetor Jets

Precision jets for precision tuning.

It's no doubt that performance engines have become more efficient, making proper fuel curve management more important than ever. The refined consistence of the GET'M Performance precision main jets and air bleeds help set and control the fuel curve, allowing racers to more accurately tune their carburetor.

Precision-machined from virgin brass our jetes and air bleeds come in a variety of threads and hole sizes to allow fine tuning to each specific motor and application. Unlike other manufacturers, all GET'M Performance jets and air bleeds are pinned so that the hole size corresponds to the jet size, allowing racers to make incredmental changes when changing main jet sizes.

Our GET'M HEX headed jets are available in 1/4-32 thread, while our GET'M PHILLIPS headed jets are available in 1/4-32, 5/16-32 and 3/8-40 thread. Even our air bleeds utilize a Phillips head screw driver for easy installation.


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